JUKI SMT chip place machine parts 7505 JUKI Nozzle

Product Details

JUKI SMT chip place machine parts 7505 JUKI Nozzle

Type: 7505

Condition: original new / original used

Other products :

Part NumberPart Name
AA05610H12NXT Nozzle 0.4mm
 AA05711H12 Nozzle 0.7mm
AA05811 H12 Nozzle 1.0mm
AA20A11H12 Nozzle 1.3mm
AA0HM08Nozzle H01 2.5 
AA0HN08Nozzle H01 3.7 
AA08516Nozzle H01 3.7G 
AA08113Nozzle H01 10.0 
AA08209Nozzle H01 15.0 
AA07513Nozzle H01 15.0G 
AA06Y15Nozzle H04 1.8 
AA06Z00Nozzle H04 2.5 
NA74A H24G Nozzle Station (M3 III/M6 III 74 sockets)
R28-025G-365-FFUJI NXT DX S1 2.5 nozzle with rubber pad  2AGKNL018000
R28-037G-365-FFUJI NXT DX S1 3.7 nozzle with rubber pad  2AGKNL018100
R28-050G-365-FFUJI NXT DX S1 5.0 nozzle with rubber pad  2AGKNL018200
R28-070G-365-FFUJI NXT DX S1 7.0 nozzle with rubber pad  2AGKNL018300
R28-100G-365-F FUJI NXT DX S1 10.0 nozzle with rubber pad  2AGKNL018400
R28-150G-365-FFUJI NXT DX S1 15.0 nozzle with rubber pad  2AGKNL018500
R28-200G-365-FFUJI NXT DX S1 20.0 nozzle with rubber pad  2AGKNL018600
2AGKNX005303FUJI NXTIII H24 placement Head 0.4 Nozzles